Visiting The Colorblends Spring Garden can be overwhelming. All those tulips! All those blends! Color galore coming at you from all sides. Of course, everyone has their own color preferences, so why not take a minute to explore what makes your personal color wheel spin? Delving into your colorful personality might help you find the perfect blend to fit your style.


Something for Everyone

From quiet colors through flamboyant blends, The Garden gives the full spectrum. You can make the leap to your home. As you stroll around, think about what appeals to you. No matter where your happy place is color-wise, there will be a blend for you.

Also consider where you might want to display tulips. Hint: Find a place that is sheltered from blasting sun and strong winds for the longest performance. You might also want to steer clear of drip lines from buildings. But do consider anchoring your display against some sort of structure, focal point, or accent – even if it’s just a vertical stone that could use highlighting.


Speaking Softly

If you really want to capture attention—speak softly. If you’re a pastel person, you might want to take a second look at Skyliners. From the moment the striped buds appear onward, this blend is the epitome of elegance. Or make a broader statement. With doubles included, Beaujolais is more expansive—but the colors are delightfully soft with a series of pinks offset by a hushed yellow brushed with blush.

Pink Margarita

A Little Bounce

Are you the type of person apt to release balloons for a celebration? You might want to go with a blend that serves up a big smile and reads from a distance. Pink Margarita bursts like bubbles in pink and yellow. And these plump flowers read well from a distance. At The Garden, this crowd pleaser can be seen from the street.


Go Boldly into Spring

Got a strong case of spring fever? Say it loud and clear like Four-Star. Cardinal red, deep royal purple, and sparkling white combine to express the essence of spring. Four-Star could easily stand alone where you want to make a statement. Also brave but in a totally different color theme, visitors put on their sunglasses when walking by the scarlet and yellow parrot tulip blend Tukano at The Garden. Yes, it’s courageous. Absolutely, it could be your speed. After all, spring only comes once a year. Make it memorable.




About the Author

Author, garden writer, lecturer, blogger, and photographer Tovah Martin has spent decades working with and writing about bulbs. An honorary member of the Garden Club of America, her most recent book, The Garden in Every Sense and Season, was awarded the Gold Medal from GardenComm. A fanatical hands-on organic gardener outdoors and inside, she digs into Furthermore, her own 7-acre Connecticut farmstead.