Now comes the huge payoff. What everyone needs right now is a huge dose of tulips like never before. Not only do we want a big walloping dose, we crave something served up heavy on the wow-factor. Thank heavens, the Colorblends House & Spring Garden is coming to the rescue.

At the Colorblends House & Spring Garden, the tulips are in high prime. Amazingly, all the constellations are coming together. The daffodils are still lingering with gusto (more about them later), but the tulips are the crowd pleasers. There’s something about tulips that has sex appeal (or something similar). They turn up the heat, make your heart flutter, and bring you back to every spring throughout your life serenaded by peepers and drizzle. When the tulips perform, they get the standing ovation. And they are spectacular this year. Breathtaking isn’t an overstatement. Can’t make the trip? We’ll bring the blossom brigade to you.

Tulips Come on Strong

Double Tulip ‘Cretaceous


No question about it Sorbetto is the scene stealer. We’re talking gigundo flowers that look like someone just released a huge batch of birthday balloons. This blend comes in truly festive colors – the catalog describes the spectrum as strawberry, peach, and lemon. Let’s throw in raspberry as well. The darker shades are shaped like oversized goblets on tall strong stems that laugh at the Bridgeport breezes (more like gusts) and keep suspending their oversized flowers strong. Then comes the fizzy yellow part of the brew with frilly petals outlined in a pencil hem of peach. Beautifully balanced—if you need a spring picker upper (and who doesn’t?), this is the overachiever for you. Plus your neighbors will be rapid with the glad hand.

Tulip Blend ‘Sorbetto


We’re Good Mixers

How did Sorbetto—and all the other combos at Colorblends—come together? Let’s talk just a minute about bulb blends, because that’s what our garden and our life is all about. By the time you receive your bulbs from Colorblends, all the hard work is already done. Your job is a cinch—just pop those bulbs into the ground in autumn, sit back, and wait for spring. But before you receive our combos, many years of research and experimentation go into every blend. And it’s not just about balancing colors. A blend only works if the ingredients coincide. Timing is everything. Finding tulips that blossom reliably simultaneously is a major feat of hard work with a ultra-knowledgeable team of researchers who really know their stuff. Then we trial them. But that’s not all. Color is only one facet of the presentation. We carefully match and/or mingle heights and also weigh bloom size. We aim for art. And then we offer something for every taste in our clientele. The only hard part is choosing which one you want in your yard. Granted, that’s tough. Better order several to cover all your bases. Play your cards right, and you could spend many weeks in Tulip Bliss – our list offers early, midseason, and late eye candy.

We are Urging Splurging

Tulip Blend ‘Wellspring

Say you can’t choose just one? May we suggest planting Sorbetto and Wellspring side-by-side, for example? The beauty of Wellspring is that it graduates heights to go even further toward that balloon analogy mentioned above. We’re talking a blend of seven different tulips in fluid shades of cherry to grape and apricot. It’s festive, it’s lighthearted, and it’s guaranteed to tweak a smile. Easy on the eye, the colors are cool when the weather is finally turning warm-ish. It is the epitome of spring.

Tulip Blend ‘Pinkster

Daring Duos and Trios

Imagine this: Stripes of different Colorblends tulip combos run at different intervals at the Spring Garden. Right now, the early tulips are intersecting with the midseason extravaganza. We showed you Pinkster when it just began – and its plump flowers in soft, pillow talk lemonade shades are fully open and still going strong. Want to move into something more daring? Dawn to Dusk mingles soft yellow, sterling white, and deep cranberry for some punch sitting only footsteps from Pinkster. Prefer to focus that down colorwise? Not far away, The Royals is a totally elegant mix of wine with striped yellow. Want to knock the socks off everyone who passes by? The ultra ultra double-flowering Cretaceous blend will pull in the crowds and provoke the questions – are those immense petal-packed flowers really tulips? No fooling! We planted Cretaceous where you can catch a glimpse from the sidewalk. We urge you to be equally daring.


Come Together, Right Now

Daffodil ‘Minnow


There is so much going on right now! Tulips are only part of the performance. Many of the miniature daffodils are still holding out to synchronize with the tulips thanks to the cool weather. Succinct in size, ‘Sailboat’ and ‘Minnow’ are small but mighty. Fragrance is a factor as well. Remember the ‘Jetfire’ that’s been entertaining for weeks? Still going strong in many spots in the garden. Plus the larger daffodils are hanging in to continue their display. Not just a smattering, either. We’re talking pools of late daffodils wading through the display and positioned in the lawn. But there’s more! To pick up the beat that started with iris and then moved into Tulip ‘Scarlet Baby’, we put in Tulip tarda – a ground-hugging species with sunny, open-faced flowers. Beyond the main stream, trout lilies are going bananas beside the sidewalk, making the whole neighborhood wonder what that weird bulb might be. No matter what, flowers are healing. They bring you to another place. When the world seems a little scary, you really need nature.


Daffodils in The Garden


Daffodil ‘Sailboat


Wild Tulip ‘Tarda


Double Tulip ‘Cretaceous


Tulip Blend ‘Dawn to Dusk


Daffodil ‘Sailboat


Tulip Blend ‘Sortbetto


Tulips and Daffodils in the Garden, Early May



Tulip Blend ‘Sorbetto